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                                                            Social  accountability  should aspire, in its
                                                            practice, to pervade all of society. For after
                                                            all, society is responsible for generating the
                                                            values by which we live.

                                                            Two fundamental  principles drive social
                                                            accountability:  the rule of law and the
                                                            citizens as the source of creative authority.

                                                            Social accountability is the bulwark against
                                                            the arbitrary exercise  of  authority. Its
                                                            best use: holding the state to account.
                                                            This  only works when we yoke the idea
                                                            of representative government  and civic
                                                            participation,  together. There is no other
                                                            path to fostering a shared identity between
                                                            those who govern and  those who are

                                                            Much of our work at Public Affairs Centre is
                                                            to amplify this process.

                                                                                       G Gurucharan

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