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Global Lead, Rural Livelihoods and Jobs, Global
                                                          Solutions Group, Agriculture Global Practice. World
                         Parmesh Shah
                                                          Bank ment, participatory approaches, institutional
                                                          change and natural resources management.

                         PP Madappa                       Founder Member, PAC
                                                          Senior Advisor, Karle Group of Companies

                         S Padmanaban                     Management/Information,
                                                          Technology Consultant

                         S V Ranganath                    Former, Chief Secretary at State of Karnataka

                         Dr Samar Verma                   Senior Program Specialist, IDRC

                         Dr Seema Bhatia-Panthaki         Senior Program Officer, IDRC

                         Sheila Premkumar                  Former Employee, PAC

                                                          Independent Consultant
                         Dr Sita Sekhar
                                                          (Governance and Social Accountability Tools)

                         T V Rao                          Chairman of T VRLS

                         Vrunda Bhatt                     Managing Trustee, Children’s Movement
                                                          for Civic Awareness (CMCA)
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